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Virtual Reality Team Building Activities

Transform your team-building experience from dull into a technological and amazingly wonderful journey! At DNA VR London and Manchester, we`re redefining the art of group collaboration with our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality experiences.

Transform your team-building experience from dull into a technological and amazingly wonderful journey! At DNA VR London and Manchester, we`re redefining the art of group collaboration with our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality experiences. Gone are the days of mundane activities; welcome to a world where immersive VR escape rooms and interactive games not only bring fun but also foster teamwork, communication and issue management in dynamic ways.

Crafting an Engaging Virtual Experience

We offer a novel approach to encourage people to work together. It's not just about having fun; it's about engaging in a shared experience that requires collaboration, leadership and strategic thinking. Our purpose is to offer a variety of experiences tailored to different group dynamics and goals, creating an inclusive atmosphere for everyone and helping to make your VR team building well remembered.

The Enthralling World of our Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have long been used as an effective means of building collaboration, but our VR Escape rooms take this concept to a whole new level. These aren't just ordinary games – they are extraordinary adventures that take people to various realms where collaboration is more than just enjoyable; it's essential for triumph. In these environments, puzzles ascend to a new dimension, freed from the confines of a physical space. The worlds in these escape rooms are expansive and deeply immersive, offering both sprawling outdoor sceneries and vast, intricately designed indoor spaces. The challenges go far beyond the conventional ‘find a key and unlock a padlock’ scenario. They encompass activities like virtual climbing, archery, and numerous imaginative tasks, elevating the traditional escape room experience to an unprecedented level of engagement.

A Deep Dive into Escape Rooms

Alice in Wonderland Escape room: Immerse yourselves in a world of wonder and whimsy, where you will have to use your creative thinking to solve mysterious puzzles inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous tale. You`ll have to use all of your lifetime experience to pass Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat mysteries. • Mission Sigma: Perfect for those who love a good thriller. The task is to dismantle a nuclear warhead before it goes off. This room will test your ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions together. It is a perfect choice if you`re a rookie in the company and want to uncover your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. • Prison Break: In this intense scenario strategic planning and leadership skills are key to escaping a high-security prison, which makes this escape room excellent for testing and strengthening group dynamics. The plot suggests you take on the role of an ex-police officer that ends up behind the bars and now you have to figure out what is happening in a blanketing jail full of different tricks. In order to succeed you have to work together, building up a strong bond of trust. • Jungle Quest: Players embark on a tropical adventure, solving amusing puzzles and navigating through a lush landscape. A perfect way to enhance your employees’ collaborative and issue-management skills. Those who decide to try this room out are going to experience what it is like to survive in jungles and will eventually evolve and train their survival skills.

A Variety of Experiences

Our repertoire goes beyond escape rooms. We can suggest your weathered employees to test themselves in a range of different experiences: All in one Sports: from gold to archery, these games encourage friendly competition in a very fun entertaining way. Competitive pvp games are multiplayer journeys from collaborative Elven Assassin to competitive zero-gravity Laser tag in Skyfront VR.

Approach to Health and Safety

We take your health and safety seriously: Customised Experience: Our experienced Masters will help you select games and experiences suited to your comfort level. Hygienic Practices: We maintain the highest hygiene standards with headsets and equipment used at our venues and clean them after each session. Staff Assistance: Our Masters are always on hand to guide you and provide assistance if you feel unwell. They see what you see and are in constant communication with you, so should you require any help – just do not hesitate to ask!

The Role of VR in promoting essential workplace skills

All our activities are designed to promote essential workplace skills: • Enhanced Communication: The immersive nature of our rooms demands clear and effective communication, a vital skill in any workplace. Our games and rooms are directly focused on this purpose. • Problem-Solving: Teams face unique challenges in our rooms, encouraging strategic thinking in a friendly environment which we create for you.This skills are not only needed during the game session but also in real-life. • Fostering Trust and Relationship: Shared experiences nurture trust and rapport among colleagues, translating into improved workplace relationships.

Tailoring Your Experience

Understanding that each team is unique, we are always there to provide tailored recommendations for your personalized experiences. Whether it's a small group looking for a bonding experience or a large one seeking an exciting challenge, our diverse offerings cater to all. Virtual Reality is more than just an activity; it's a transformative experience. It's an opportunity for colleagues to grow, bond, and have fun in ways they never imagined.