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Virtual Reality Health & Safety Usage Guide

At DNA VR, we prioritize your safety and comfort, and this guide is designed to address common concerns like VR motion sickness and to share tips on how to have the best VR experience.

Ensuring a Comfortable and Safe VR Experience

Welcome to the exciting world of Virtual Reality (VR)! While VR offers an immersive and unique experience, it's essential to be aware of specific health and safety aspects to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable time, especially for first-time users. At DNA VR, we prioritize your safety and comfort, and this guide is designed to address common concerns like VR motion sickness and to share tips on how to have the best VR experience.

Understanding VR-related motion Sickness: Why Does VR make some people feel weird?

VR-related motion sickness can occur when your brain receives conflicting signals from your eyes and your inner ear (which helps with balance). In certain VR experiences, your eyes perceive movement in the virtual environment, but your body doesn't feel it. This conflict can make you feel weird and lead to symptoms like nausea or dizziness.

How Common is VR-related Motion Sickness?

VR – related motion sickness is very uncommon and only affects a tiny fraction of our customers. This is because we tested all our experiences extensively and do not offer titles associated with a higher risk of experiencing motion sickness (such as VR – rollercoasters). Most of our games rely on teleportation as a prime movement option that mitigates motion sickness. At DNA VR, we've observed that the vast majority of users do not experience any motion sickness at all, and even those who do show mild symptoms initially overcome it after a couple of minutes.

How to Overcome VR Motion Sickness

Here are some tips on how to minimise the risk of experiencing motion sickness: Start Slow: If you're new to VR, start with games that involve less movement and gradually work your way up. Our VR Masters will always be with you and will be happy to recommend experiences to start with. Take a Break if you feel like you need one: You can always jump in and out of our experiences if you would like to take a short break. Just shout to the VR Master running our session, and they will be with you in no time to help you in and out. Focus on Fixed Points: In the virtual world, focusing on a fixed point can help your brain reconcile the difference between visual and physical sensations. Choose your VR Experience wisely: if you are still concerned about VR-related motion sickness, we recommend selecting one of our Premium Free Roam VR Experiences, designed to avoid the feeling of motion sickness altogether as you will be physically walking around a larger room together without relying on teleporting or flying in the game. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can worsen symptoms of VR-related motion sickness, so keep water handy. We have both water and a selection of soft drinks to help before and after your experience. Limit the number of alcoholic drinks before the experience: If you are concerned with experiencing motion sickness, we recommend limiting the number of alcoholic drinks before the experience to a maximum of 2 per person.

Why Do I Feel Fake After Playing VR?

The feeling of unreality or disconnection after playing VR, sometimes referred to as feeling 'fake', is a temporary sensation as your brain adjusts back to the real world. This feeling usually passes quickly and is more common in immersive, long VR sessions. Some of our customers express a desire to teleport around in real life after their experience or feel disappointed about the lack of superpowers, but we promise you, that feeling does go away. If it doesn’t, you are always welcome to come back to our virtual worlds at any time!

How Long Is It OK to Stay in VR?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to how long you can safely stay in VR, as it depends on the individual. However, we recommend sessions of 60 minutes for beginners and up to 2 hours for seasoned gamers. If we have the space, you are always welcome to stay for a second (or third hour) once you get used to the VR environment.

DNA VR's Approach to Health and Safety

At DNA VR, we take your health and safety seriously: Customised Experience: Our team of experienced VR Masters will help you select games and experiences suited to your comfort level. Hygienic Practices: We maintain high hygiene standards with our headsets and equipment. Staff Assistance: Our VR Masters are always on hand to guide you and provide assistance if you feel unwell. They see what you see and are in constant communication with you, so should you require any help – just do not hesitate to ask!

Additional Tips for a Safe VR Experience

Use the Right Headset: We use the most advanced technology to ensure that you have the smoothest and most comfortable experience possible. When the VR Master helps you put on the headset, please make sure it fits comfortably. The headsets can be adjusted to sit more comfortably on your head and can even fit regular-sized glasses, should you require them. Please note that a poorly fitted headset can exacerbate symptoms of sickness. Acclimatize Gradually: Start slowly to get used to Virtual Reality before moving to something more intense. Seek Games with Comfort Settings: Many of our games offer settings to reduce motion intensity with different options for the in-game movement, which can be helpful for beginners. Always ask your VR Master if you have any concerns or questions! Remember, while our experiences are incredibly realistic, the objects in the game are actually not real! Do not sit on anything you see inside the game, as it may not be real.

Come and see for yourself!

VR is a fantastic technology that offers unique and immersive experiences. By understanding and following these health and safety tips, you can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable VR experience. Remember, at DNA VR, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. We're here to help you every step of the way. Ready to dive into the world of VR with confidence? Visit DNA VR to learn more and book your safe and fun VR experience!