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Want to make your lesson truly unforgettable?
Schedule a free demo and bring the whole class!
Come and put your entire class together with your science teacherinto one Virtual space to have the first truly Virtual lesson!

Apollo 11 VR

Travel to the Moon. It's Real.

Full STEM VR Gallery (coming soon)

VictoryXR's Science Curriculum is the first – and only – full virtual reality science curriculum. 48 educational science units contain a total of 240 unique virtual reality experiences covering Earth & Space Science, Engineering, Life Science, and Physical Science.

Virtual Classroom: Chemistry Lesson

Virtual Classroom is the first of a kind multiuser Virtual Reality experience designed for class trips to VR Venues. Virtual Classroom is dedicated to the topics of atoms, orbitals and periodic table of elements. Students can assemble all known elements, and visualise various shapes of orbitals across the energy levels of an atom.

Most unusual attraction

Book a free visit for the teacher

Not every teacher has huge experience with VR. Therefore, we encourage you to visit for free to see what the technology and the carefully selected experiences are capable of. Don't worry, our VR Masters will always be there to help you navigate the system.

Choose suitable experiences

Every class is unique. With hundreds of different educational VR Experiences it is important to select the titles that your students would most benefit from.

Organise your Virtual lesson

After you have selected the titles all that is left is to book your Virtual lesson and come to DNA VR with your students for probably the most mind-blowing lesson they have ever had!

Feedback from teachers

Beth Buchanan Lead Teacher of Science
Beth Buchanan Lead Teacher of Science
Really really had an excellent time – staff and students alike!
Dr Hugh Denard Lecturer in Digital Humanities
Dr Hugh Denard Lecturer in Digital Humanities
We had two great visits, and the guys on both days were brilliant - friendly, helpful and absolutely on top of the tech: will definitely hope to return with next year's group.