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Best VR Games For Parties

Are you ready to host an epic party that will be the talk of the town? DNA VR is your destination for an unforgettable virtual reality experience, perfect for small and large groups.

Thrilling experiences for the whole team

Are you ready to host an epic party that will be the talk of the town? DNA VR is your destination for an unforgettable virtual reality experience, perfect for small and large groups. Imagine a place where every guest, from the VR enthusiast to someone who has never played before, finds something to get excited about. Our diverse range of VR games and experiences caters to all tastes and group sizes, ensuring your party is truly unforgettable. Let's explore the best VR games at DNA VR, perfect for both large parties and more intimate gatherings and how they transform any event into an extraordinary virtual adventure.

Skyfront VR: Zero-Gravity Thrills for Up to 10 Players

Imagine soaring through the sky, engaging in heart-pounding zero-gravity laser tag battles with up to 10 of your friends. Skyfront VR offers just that – a unique blend of exhilarating action and stunning visuals that make it a top pick for larger groups. Why It’s a Crowd-Pleaser: Fast-paced and competitive, this game is a hit for those seeking adrenaline-fueled excitement. It is also easy to get into with intuitive game mechanics and clear goals. Experience the Thrill: Skyfront VR

Synth Riders: Sync Up the Rhythm with Friends

Up to 10 friends can dance to the beat in Synth Riders, a rhythm game that's as much about music as it is about movement. It's the perfect way to get the party moving, offering a fun, interactive experience for music lovers. Party Highlight: A brilliant choice for guests to groove together and enjoy a shared musical journey in a competitive environment. Join the Dance Party: Synth Riders

Private Property: Casual Zombie Fun for Up to 8

Dive into Private Property, a game where up to 8 players are defending their Private Property from hordes of zombies, working together and protecting each other. It's a game of wits and teamwork, perfect for groups who love a good shooter, but do not want it to become too intense. Zombie Fun: Private Property See other VR Zombie Games here.

Elven Assassin: Defend Your Realm in Teams

Up to 8 players can unite in Elven Assassin to protect their village from invaders. It's a thrilling mix of fantasy, archery, and cooperative gameplay that appeals to a wide range of players. Why It’s Great for Parties: Combines strategy and skill in a fantasy setting, perfect for the active involvement of all group members. Become an Elven Hero: Elven Assassin

Ragnarock: Lead Your Viking Crew in Rhythmic Battles

Ragnarock invites up to 6 players to immerse themselves in a Viking-themed world, where rhythm and teamwork are key. It's an energetic and vibrant game that's sure to capture the spirit of any party. For Competitive Spirits: Ideal for groups who love to engage in friendly competition while enjoying rhythmic gameplay. Set Sail on the Rhythmic Seas: Ragnarock

Plush Rush: Colorful Adventures for Younger Guests

Hosting a Kids VR Party with younger attendees? Plush Rush is perfect, allowing up to 8 kids to enjoy a vibrant and safe VR adventure filled with fun challenges and colourful worlds. Kid-Friendly Entertainment: A delightful experience that ensures even the youngest guests have a blast. Explore the Colourful World: Plush Rush

Battle Magic: Engage in Enchanting Duels

Up to 6 players can step into the world of Battle Magic engaging in fascinating duels that blend strategy, skill, and a touch of magic. It's an ideal game for those who enjoy a fantasy setting with competitive elements. Magical Group Fun: A captivating experience for party-goers who love to immerse themselves in a mystical world. Cast Your Spell: Battle Magic

VR Escape Rooms: Collaborative Puzzle-Solving

DNA VR's range of VR escape rooms, from Alice in Wonderland VR to Prison Break, provides a unique challenge for up to 6 players. With multiple VR Escape rooms available, larger groups can split and play simultaneously, adding a competitive edge to the fun. See which group can finish quicker and get ultimate bragging rights! Ultimate Team Challenge: Perfect for those who enjoy working together to solve puzzles and unravel mysteries. Choose Your Escape Adventure: VR Escape Rooms

Premium Free-Roaming Experiences: Step into New Worlds

For those booking the entire venue, the adventure doesn't stop at VR arcade games or VR escape rooms. Our premium free-roaming experiences offer a deeper dive into the VR world. Groups can rotate between intense games like "Skyfront" and "Elven Assassin" in the VR Arcade and more immersive free-roaming adventures. Expansive VR Worlds: Offers a unique opportunity to explore larger, more immersive environments and walk around freely with no wires for the next level of immersion. Discover Free-Roaming VR: Premium Free-Roaming Games

A Place for Everyone: Play, Watch, and Socialize

At DNA VR, we cater to everyone. While some guests are immersed in VR worlds, others can watch the live action on screens, enjoying drinks and conversations. This inclusive atmosphere ensures no one feels left out, making your VR Party a comprehensive and engaging experience. Whether for a birthday, team-building event, or a fun get-together, DNA VR offers a world of excitement and adventure. With games and experiences that cater to large groups and an environment that keeps everyone involved, your next party is set to be a memorable one. Are you ready to embark on a thrilling VR journey? Visit DNA VR to book your next party and step into a world of unparalleled fun and excitement!