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Surprisingly, Yes!

Our VR Pods for VR Arcade and VR Escape rooms (including Ubisoft Escape rooms) are separated from each other and allow for proper social distancing. We ask people from different households to arrive separately to avoid mixing of the households. However, once you put on your VR Headset you will see and hear each other and will still be able to play together and meet in Virtual Reality. Just like in the old times when you could meet together indoors.

Please note, we kindly ask customers who wish to enjoy one of our Free Roaming sessions to book for their household/support bubble only.

We have always taken hygiene seriously. From day one we have been using disposable face masks for all VR headsets and sanitised all the equipment after each use. Now we have implemented extra steps to put your mind at ease during your Virtual Journey.

Social Distancing
Customers in each of our VR pods are separated with walls and are kept apart and in our Free-roam experiences customers are always playing only with the group they came with. In addition to that we artificially reduce availability to limit the number of guests at the venue.

Face Coverings
All our VR Masters wear face coverings and we provide complimentary face covering for our clients as well. As mentioned before, all headsets are fitted with disposable face masks that are changed after each client.

We have hand sanitisers throughout the venue and have also implemented extra cleaning routines after each session: all the equipment and surfaces are wiped down with anti-viral wipes.

Extra precautions
If one of the clients or someone in their household is experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms we kindly ask them to notify us and we will reschedule their session free of charge.

DNA VR is the First and biggest Virtual Reality Entertainment venue in London to provide both well-known single player and multiplayer titles and unique team VR Experiences for up to 10 players. Once you put on your VR Headset, the boundaries disappear and your Virtual Journey begins. From there the only limit is your imagination. Will you travel to the Moon or Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with your team? Will you Defend your Castle with a bow and arrow or Fight a Ferocious Dragon?

As of today we have 2 venues: in Camden and Hammersmith that can accommodate up to 14 and 13 simultaneous players respectively. We have also invested heavily in the state-of-the-art hardware so our clients could try Virtual Reality with the best quality currently available on the market. Our employees are the experts in Virtual Reality and we test all of the VR experiences ourselves before recommending them to anyone.

We are also the only venue in UK to provide the unique Free-Roam experiences Depth of Osiris and Space Station Tiberia.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds.

Definitely. We believe VR is for everyone regardless of their interests, age and tech-knowledge. That is why we are providing a huge array of both games and VR experiences to make sure that any customer finds something to their taste.

We believe that VR is something that does not have age limits. We are able to find an experience suitable for almost any age. However, due to the size of the headset we do not usually recommend the experience for the customers younger than 7 years.
We do make exceptions about younger customers, however they should be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout their booking. Please note, certain games have their own age recommendations. To find out more please visit our VR Games page.

Currently we provide a huge array of different VR games including shooters, casual games and simulators and are aiming at increasing the number of titles according to demand. We also have various non-gaming titles such as Google Earth VR, Tilt Brush , etc. with many more to follow.
We also have thrilling VR Escape rooms tailored specifically to the groups of 2-6 players.
Our newest arrival is a premium free-roam experience for up to 4 people. Walk around wireless and enjoy the incredible level of immersion.
If you are not sure which experience or game suits you best, our dedicated team will be happy to guide you through experiences and recommend the ones suitable for you!

Definitely! It's much more fun to share this exciting moment with somebody! We have options for up to 10 players together in the same world! You can either play one of our multiplayer games: Arizona Sunshine, SkyFront VR, Quivr, Raw Data or solve puzzles together in one of our VR Escape rooms tailored specifically to families and groups of customers of all ages.
Finally our recent arrival, the Free-Roam experiences are suitable for up to 3 people in the same physical room!