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General Information

DNA VR is the First Virtual Reality Arcade Experience in London and Manchester providing both single-player and multiplayer VR experiences for up to 10 players in the same Virtual World. Once you put on your VR Headset, the boundaries disappear and your Virtual Journey begins. From there the only limit is your imagination.

As of today we have 4 venues: in Camden, Hammersmith and Battersea Power Station in London and Brown Street in Manchester that can accommodate 13-19 players per venue playing simultaneously. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art hardware so our customers could try Virtual Reality with the best quality currently available on the market. Our VR Masters are the experts in Virtual Reality and we test all of the VR experiences ourselves before recommending them to anyone.

Most of our experiences support multiple languages, including but not limited to French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Not all participants need to understand English to enjoy our VR experiences. However, at least one member of your group should be able to translate the safety briefing and instructions to the rest of the group. If you need any help choosing the best experience for your group, please reach out to us via info@dnavr.co.uk. Our Operations Team will be happy to advise you on whether the experience you are interested in supports other languages.

Definitely. We believe VR is for everyone regardless of their interests, age and tech-knowledge. That is why we are providing a huge array of both games and VR experiences to make sure that any customer finds something to their taste.

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional user interfaces, VR places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds.

Experiences and Games

Currently, we have 4 main types of experiences available at all 4 venues: VR Arcade, VR Escape room, Premium Free-Roaming experience and Ubisoft's VR Escape rooms. 

VR Arcade, VR Escape room and Ubisoft's VR Escape rooms are set in separate VR Booths. Each VR Booth is fitted with one VR Headset (1 per participant).

Premium Free-Roaming experience is set in a separate Free-Roam zone where the whole team can walk around freely and play together. 

All our experiences are private, so while there may be other customers at the venue, you are never going to play with strangers (unless you want to make new friends, we don't judge!)

All experiences are hosted by our dedicated VR Masters so if you need a hint or not sure what to try next - just give them a shout!

To explore all games visit our games and experiences page

Our Pricing varies based on the day and the size of the group and starts at £28pp for VR Arcade and £22pp for VR Escape rooms. Larger groups can benefit from the group discounts applied automatically to their booking. If you book 2 consecutive weekday slots for the same type of experience you will also get a 20% discount for the second slot! 

To See Full pricing visit our pricing page

VR Arcade:

Each player gets a headset and will be placed inside their own VR booth. You have an hour (or book 2 consecutive slots to have more) and can play as many games as you’d like. You will hear each other inside the game and can interact with them in multiplayer experiences.

Max number of people in the same Virtual World: 10.
Duration: 1 hour (but you can book 2 or more slots).

VR Escape Rooms and Ubisoft VR Escape rooms:

Same setup as with the VR Arcade, but here you need to choose 1 game and will have one hour to solve all puzzles in a team.

Max number of people in the same Virtual World: 6 for VR Escape rooms, 4 for Ubisoft VR Escape rooms. For larger teams, we can run multiple instances of the games in parallel.
Duration: you have 1 hour to complete the game (but you can book 2 or more slots).

Premium Free Roam:

The whole team is placed inside one larger room where you walk completely wireless together (in the headsets). Currently, there are 2 choices here: Free Roam VR Escape rooms or Free roam shooters. You have to choose between these two options and either beat an escape room or have a number of rounds shooting zombies/robots in a team. You can also add a short horror experience here as an extra.

Max number of people in the same Virtual World: 4.
Duration: 40 minutes + setup time (you can book 2 or more slots).

Absolutely! Once you are at the venue, our friendly VR Masters will explain the controls and advise you on which game to choose and how to navigate. They will always be on hand if you get stuck or need help. The VR Masters will monitor your game progress, communicate with you through the headphones and come to your aid as soon as needed!

No! You only have to choose the type of experience: VR arcade, VR Escape room (or Ubisoft Escape room) or Premium Free Roaming. 

In VR Arcade you will be able to play multiple games and switch at any point. For the others, our VR Masters would be more than happy to help you pick the right experience!

Our experiences are available as digital gift vouchers.

If you would like to spoil someone you love and buy a gift voucher - follow this link.

All our vouchers are valid for a year and can be redeemed for any of our experiences at any of the venues!

Definitely! It's much more fun to share this exciting experience with somebody! We have options for up to 10 players together in the same world! You can either play one of our multiplayer games in VR Arcade session or solve puzzles together in one of our VR Escape rooms / Ubisoft VR Escape rooms tailored specifically to families and groups of customers of all ages.

Finally, the Free-Roam experiences are suitable for up to 4 people in the same physical room!

All bookings at DNA VR are private. While there might be other customers at the venue you will always play with people from your group. (Unless you choose to make new friends of course!)

One of the greatest advantages of our venue is that each of the players has sufficient area to play safely. They are separated from each other with soft walls and, therefore, won't accidentally touch or hit each other. HTC also developed a system that prevents players from walking into walls. If you are close to an obstacle, a hologram will be projected inside the game to let you know.

Never tried VR before and want to check out as many experiences as possible? VR Arcade is the right option for you. Up to 10 people in the same Virtual World, more than 50 experiences. Anyone would find a game to fall in love with.

Like solving puzzles in a team trying to beat the clock? VR Escape rooms are the best option.

Freedom of movement and deep immersion excites you? Free-Roam is the answer. Walk around freely with your teammates fighting zombies, saving the Earth from an asteroid or Escaping from an underwater temple.

We have everything you need for the best VR experience. The rest depends on you!

So you have chosen your VR experience but not sure how to get the most out of it?

First, you need to remember that the experience is very safe both in terms of Covid and general safety. We are using disposable masks for the VR Headsets and sanitise all equipment regularly.

Second, while incredibly immersive, the experience is virtual so nothing in the game can hurt you. The headsets recognise the boundaries of the room so whenever you are approaching the wall they will guide you. Our VR Masters are monitoring you throughout the session and will keep talking to you if you need any support. If you feel uncomfortable at any point just give them a shout and they will rush to help you!

Finally, we can recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and avoid high heels.

And that is it, just grab your team, come to DNA VR and get ready!

Our VR Arcade Sessions last 60 minutes. That means a full 1 hour of gameplay, not including the briefing and introduction.

The VR Escape Room sessions and Ubisoft VR Escape Room sessions are designed to last up to 60 minutes. That means that you will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and get out in time. If you manage to solve all the puzzles early, you will get a permanent spot on our Leaderboard page!

Our Premium Free-Roaming sessions last around 40 minutes. If you would like to extend the Premium Free-Roaming session, we recommend booking Premium Free-Roaming Extra to add a short extra experience in the end. If you would like to make your experience even longer - simply book two back-to-back slots and receive a discount on your second hour!

Pricing and Booking

Of course, you can. If we do have availability, you can book extra slots straight away. Please note, we cannot accept cash

We are happy to accept any walk-ins, however we are often fully booked on busier days, including weekends. 

Therefore, we strongly recommend booking a slot online at https://booking.dnavr.co.uk or calling/emailing or reaching out to us on social media in advance to check availability to avoid disappointment.

Please note, unfortunately we can only accept cards as payment and do not accept cash.

Events and Parties

Over the years, we have run hundreds of different types of events. 

From Birthday Parties (ages 7 and above) and Corporate Events at our venues to brand activations and collaborations off-site (up to 500 people). 

If you are looking for your next event organiser, you have just found one. Just drop us a message or email at info@dnavr.co.uk and we will organise it in no time!  Learn more about it on our VR Events page and Kids Parties.

Please contact us and we will help you sort it out.

Our capacity varies slightly by venue:

Battersea: 11 Separate VR pods, 4 Free Roam headsets. Maximum 15 people playing simultaneously 
Hammersmith: 9 Separate VR pods, 4 Free Roam headsets. Maximum 13 people playing simultaneously 
Camden: 10 Separate VR pods, 4 Free Roam headsets. Maximum 14 people playing simultaneously 
Manchester: 15 Separate VR Pods, 4 Free Roam headsets. Maximum 19 people playing simultaneously

However, we do provide corporate bookings and birthday parties for larger groups at all venues. See our Corporate events and Kids Parties pages for more info.

Age and Safety

We believe VR is suitable for all ages! However, in interest of safety, DNA VR is restricted to only players above 7 years old. This is due to the size and weight of the headset and the fact that some younger children may find VR overwhelming. The minimum ages for each experience are as follows:

VR Arcade: 7+
Premium Free Roaming: 12+ (10+ if accompanied by an adult)  
VR Escape Rooms: 10+ (7+ if accompanied by an adult)
Ubisoft's VR Escape rooms: 12+ (10+ if accompanied by an adult)

Please note, certain games have their own age recommendations. To find out more please visit our VR Games page.

Read more in our Terms and conditions.

The optimal VR experience requires users to move their head and neck, and have use of at least one hand to interact with the environment.

2 of our Venues: Manchester and Battersea Power Station have full wheelchair access, and our VR Masters are more than happy to recommend more accessible games! 

Be sure to consult your doctor before visiting us if you have pre-existing serious medical conditions (such as a heart ailment), conditions that affect your ability to safely perform physical activities, psychiatric conditions (such as anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder).

We have worked with many customers who have special needs and are always happy to provide extra help whenever possible. When in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff and we will help you choose an experience according to your needs.

We take hygiene seriously. All the equipment is thoroughly sanitised after each session.

We are doing our best to provide experiences that are associated with lower probability of motion sickness. It has been argued that the highest level of motion sickness in VR is associated with VR Roller-coasters and similar experiences. We test all the games ourselves before offering them at DNA VR. We also setup and test all our equipment so it works without causing any motion sickness. However, as with any motion-related entertainment, some people may be susceptible to unexpected side-effects during the VR session. If you feel unwell at any point please let a member of DNA VR team know and we will be there to help you.

To make the experience as smooth and as enjoyable as possible we do recommend our customers take off their glasses or use contact lenses. However, our VR Headsets feature slots to allow the average pair of eyewear to fit inside while using the system. There are also adjustment knobs to configure the focus for each eye independently, and a separate adjustment knob to match the screen separation to that of your eyes. If you are unsure about this, please contact our team and they will be happy to help you.

We take safety seriously and have taken many measures to make sure the experience is as safe as possible. We have soft mesh walls and floors that match virtual gridlines that pop up in your headset when you get close to the wall to prevent you from walking into or hitting the wall. We require all players to use the wristraps attached to the controllers when playing. The cables are mounted above the player and attached to the ceiling to prevent tangling and getting physically caught in them. Our VR games are very immersive - this is a gentle reminder not to put your weight on anything in the VR world as it isn't really there! Please avoid leaning or or sitting on any virtual objects - no matter how tempting!


We have 4 venues: in Camden, Hammersmith, Battersea Power Station in London and at Brown Street in Manchester

Camden: Units 1&2, 400-404 York way, N7 9LR, London (between Nisa Local and York Pharmacy)
Parking: Local street parking on York Way.

Hammersmith: Unit A, 77 Fulham Palace road, W6 8JA, London (at the back of YOKOME Oriental Lifestyle supermarket, inside the yellow arch and turn left)
Parking: Local street parking on Yeldham Road

Battersea Power Station: 18 Arches Lane, SW11 8AB, London (between ROTI King and Archlight Cinema)
Parking: Parking is available in Circus West Village (SW11 8EZ) 24 hours a day. To access the car park, enter from Battersea Park Road and drive straight along Pump House Lane. Turn left as you reach the new development and drive into the underground car par

Manchester: 30 Brown street, Core, M2 1DH, (The entrance is located on the side of the building, at the intersection of BrownStreet and Marriots Court, opposite the Post Office at 26 Spring Gardens).
Parking: the closest parking is available at Arndale Centre.

If you are having trouble finding us just give us a call. our VR Masters will be with you in no time!

To find out more please visit our contact page.

Battersea Power Station: 

Closest Tube Stations:
Pimlico (Victoria Line), Sloane Square (District/Circle) and Battersea Park (Overground) stations are all within a 15-20 minute walk from our venue.

The 44 (if coming from South), 137, 452 all stop nearby with around 5 minutes walking distance.


Closest Tube Stations:
Kentish Town (Northern line), Caledonian Road (Piccadilly line) and Camden Road (Overground) stations are all within a 15 minute walk from our venue.

The 29 (from Camden or Holloway) and the 390 bus (straight from Kings Cross) routes also have stops nearby.

Hammersmith / Fulham

Closest Tube Stations:
Hammersmith (Hammersmith and City, District and Piccadilly lines)

72, 9, 23, 27, 306 (near Hammersmith station)
190, 211, 220, 295 (closest to us).


The venue is a 12-minute walk from Manchester Piccadilly train Station and a 10-minute walk from Manchester Victoria Station. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any dedicated customer parking at our venues but there is plenty of street parking/public car parks nearby. 

Please see the links below for more information.

Camden: Local street parking on York Way.

Battersea Power Station: Underground carpark at Battersea Power Station.

Hammersmith: Local street parking on Yeldham Road.

Manchester: Carpark in Arndale Centre.

Our Normal Opening Hours are:


Weekends :

Please note, we do open earlier (and can close later) for pre-booked sessions! 


DNA VR is a live experience - like a cinema or theatre - and once the booking is confirmed, we cannot accept requests to refund for cancellations. However, we do understand that sometimes customers have to reschedule their sessions. Please let us know should your circumstances change and our team will do their best to reschedule your session for a more suitable slot. Please note a 10% rescheduling fee is applicable for all customers who wish to reschedule less than 48 hours before the booking if their booking is larger than £150. A flat £15 fee is applied for bookings that are less than £150. If you do not contact us until after your session has passed, we will not be able to reschedule your session. If you contact us after your designated session time has passed, the rescheduling fee will be 50%. If you are rescheduling to a more expensive time slot, the difference can be paid online or with a card at the venue. Please note we do not accept cash. Additionally, under certain circumstances, we can issue store credit which you will be able to use at a later date. The amount of store credit will be equal to the amount you paid minus the rescheduling fee. Credit is valid for a year. Read more in our Terms and conditions.

DNA VR is a social experience and obviously, we understand if you want to enjoy a couple of drinks before you come.

However, please remember, too much alcohol and VR do not mix very well.

Therefore, in order to make your experience smooth and enjoyable as well as to protect your group from unnecessary incidents, we recommend to come as sober as possible.

We also have a strict no drugs policy.

If our staff believe that you are too intoxicated to play, for your safety and the safety of other customers, we may ask you to reschedule your booking.

Please note: we will be unable to offer a refund.

Read more in our Terms and conditions.

You do not have to come too early. We recommend that our clients to come 5-7 minutes in advance to listen to the introduction and review the setup process. Unfortunately, we might not be able to add time for the customers who arrive late.

Read more in our Terms and conditions.

VR Technology

We are currently using HTC Vive Pros across the venues and powered by state-of-the-art PCs to insure a smooth VR Experience. For our Premium Free-Roam Experience we have 3 Wireless HTC Vive Pros and 1 backpack PC for even better resolution and performance.