VR Arcade

60 mins
7 and above
Age Recommendations: 7 and above

The package offers a diverse range of over 50 VR games and experiences.

Switch between surviving a zombie apocalypse, dancing to the beat, and defending a castle from armies of trolls with bows and arrows, or choose from more than 50 other VR adventures.

The most popular and versatile package, suitable for first-timers of all ages, large groups, families, and solo adventurers.

Ubisoft’s VR Escape room

2 / 4
60 mins
12+ (10+ with adult)
Age Recommendations: 12 and above (10+ if accompanied by an adult)

Dive into thrilling, story-driven VR adventures with next-level graphics and iconic themes.

Ideal for groups of 2 or 4 looking for an epic VR adventure that combines puzzle solving with unmatched interactive gameplay.