London's First Virtual Reality Arcade

Out Of This World Experiences
What is DNA VR? It's one of the most unusual London's attractions. From the second you put the Virtual Reality headset on the boundaries disappear. Whether you are conquering Everest, travelling to the Moon or simply surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, there will never be a dull moment!

How it works
Book online
You book the slot for games/experiences or a VR Escape room and make note of the date and time
Visit DNA VR
Our VR Masters meet you and explain all the controllers. They also provide guidance and recommend the most suitable experiences for you
Immerse yourself
You put on the Virtual Reality Headset and see the whole gallery of VR games in front of you. You are free to choose and switch between the experiences as you'd like.

Press and reviews
"Great way to access VR, especially as a large group"
"Fantastic Fun for All"
" ... every bit as mind-boggling as you'd expect"
"...could have played for hours, even days"
"...boundaries disappear in one of London's most unusual attractions..."

"...we were crying with laughter when we tried this, and spent the following hour afterwards struggling to readjust to reality"
"...jump into a virtual world and escape your normal everyday life"
"...for gamers and non-gamers alike"
"London's First Virtual Reality arcade set to turn Holloway into Hollywood"
"...ideal setups for room scale experiences."
" ...all the emotions people experienced were very strong and real. "
" ...breathes life back into an important type of gaming experience that has all but disappeared."

Contact us
Please contact us with any questions or comments using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.
+44 (0) 20 7686 6090
Units 1&2, 400 – 404 York Way, N7 9LW