London's First VR Arcade
London's First VR Arcade
London's most unusual attraction.

Our outdoor Pop-up at Grosvenor Arch at Battersea Power Station is now open! Our venues are reopening on the 17th of May!

Will you go to the Moon or explore the deepest oceans? Will you survive Zombie apocalypse with your team or solve mysteries of the Lost Pyramid? The only limit is your imagination.

DNA VR is designed to respect your personal space making it a perfect experience for social distancing. In VR Arcade and VR Escape rooms each customer is placed in their own VR pod and our Free Roam experiences are never shared with people outside your group. You can see, hear and even virtually hug each other while keeping your distance. Read more about our Covid measures on our FAQ page.

Virtual Experiences. Real Emotions

We have recently collaborated with Tripp Derrick Barnes — New York based artist who created a bespoke Interactive Art experience for a hip-hop themed party. More than 100 participants from around the world were blown away by what Virtual Reality has to offer.

Click below to learn more about our events and collaborations!

Ways to enjoy the Virtual Journey

Survive alone

Book your Virtual Journey and explore the world of Immersive Entertainment.

Come with your squad

Get your friends and have fun together. Challenge them for a match or work in a team.

Organize a massive event

Let us steal the show at your event or party! Break up your everyday life.


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Culture Whisper

Boundaries disappear in one of London's most unusual attractions...

Culture Whisper
Secret London

Every bit as mind-boggling as you'd expect

Secret London

Great way to access VR, especially as a large group



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Great day
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Martyn and Jay
wrote a review 13 Mar
Me and my 10 year son visited DNA VR we had a great time would highly recommend this place can't believe how fast the hour went we will definitely be returning. Big thanks to Matt for making us feel welcome we will be seeing you guys again soon

Thanks again for great day

Martyn and Jay
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DNA -awesome trip!
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wrote a review 26 Feb
Had the most amazing time.

Matt was so helpful. We had such a laugh and Matt and his colleagues seemed to enjoy us enjoying ourselves which made it double the fun :)

Could not recommend it highly enough.
We’ll be back soon!!
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They were buzzing!
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wrote a review 27 Jan
I took four 10/11 year olds for the arcade experience yesterday and the shrieks and howls of excitement were a testament to the fun they all had. Suffice to say they all came out sweating from the fun and adrenaline and they chatted about it for hours. The team were on hand to guide them and were really helpful. Highly recommended.
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Frequently Asked Questions

With the growth of home VR and standalone headsets you can try VR nearly anywhere including the comfort of your home.

However, for the best experience you need both high-end VR Equipment and loads of space. You also need your team to play together!

All this comes together at DNA VR, a Virtual Reality Arcade with London venues in Camden, Hammersmith and Battersea Power Station.

Come together and enjoy unmatched immersion!

The answer to this question would depend on you.

Never tried VR before and want to check out as many games and experiences as possible? VR Arcade session is the right option for you. With up to 10 people in the same Virtual World and more than 50 experiences anyone would find an experience to fall in love with.

Do you like solving mysterious puzzles in a team trying to beat the clock? Then VR Escape rooms are the best option for you.

Freedom of movement and deep immersion excites you? Then Free-Roam is the answer. You can walk around freely with your teammates fighting with zombies, saving the Earth from an asteroid or Escaping from an underwater temple.

We have everything you need for the best VR experience. The rest depends on you!

So you have chosen your VR experience but not sure how to get the most out of it?

Not to worry, we are here to help you!
First of all you need to remember that the experience is very safe both in terms of Covid and general safety. We are using disposable masks for the VR Headsets and sanitise all equipment regularly.

Second, while incredibly immersive, the experience is still virtual so nothing in the game can hurt you or do you any harm. The headsets recognise the boundaries of the room so whenever you are approaching the wall it will be there to guide you. Also, our VR Masters are monitoring you throughout the session and will keep talking to you if you need any support. If you feel uncomfortable at any point just give them a shout and they will rush to help you!

Finally, we can recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and avoid high heels.

And that is it, just grab your team, come to DNA VR and get ready!