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The Ultimate VR Arcade Experience in Manchester

Book your Virtual Journey and explore the unimaginable world of the Immersive Entertainment together.

Most unusual attraction

Welcome to DNA VR, Manchester's Largest Virtual Reality Arcade Experience. We're on a mission to take you and your crew on a journey through incredible worlds in this reality and beyond - whether it's the terror of a zombie apocalypse, the mystery of the ocean deep, or the secrets of outer space. The only limit is your imagination. Are you ready to dive in?

4 Mind-blowing sessions

Try a range of games in the VR Arcade session, put your teamwork to test in a VR Escape Room or enjoy unprecedented wireless immersion in Premium Free Roam.

Always Together

Whether in individual VR Pods or in the same physical space in Free Roam, you will always be able to communicate with your team and link up in the virtual world.

Run by VR Masters

Fight a dragon, survive the zombie apocalypse, swim with a whale - the virtual world is your oyster! You and your team will be guided through the session by an expert VR Master who is there to help every step of the way.

Always Private

All our bookings are private to your group: even with other customers at the venue you will never play with strangers.

Games & Experiences

Events. Parties. Collaborations.
Looking for a corporate event, your guests will actually enjoy? Organising a Kid's Birthday Party or an event for your inner child? 

Look no further!

We have organised numerous events of any complexity at our own venues and off-site.

Click the link below, and we will transform your next event!
Who is it for? Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Friends and Family
Date night or Family get-together, there is an experience for everyone!
Birthday Parties
Whether you are celebrating the 7th or 107th Birthday, VR knows no limits!
Corporate events
From VR team buildings to off-site collaborations.

about us

Daily Mail
"Immersive and exclusive"
Evening Standard
Getting transported into a wholly immersive world...
DNA VR Blends The Virtual And Physical Worlds
The Sun
One of the best kid-friendly experiences
Manchester Evening News
"From surviving a zombie apocalypse, to travelling to the pyramids in Egypt"
Manchester World
"Perfect spot for a night of virtual reality fun"
Manchester Confidentials
It’s easy to forget that it’s not real
Secret Manchester
A unique entertainment experience
Great way to access VR, especially as a large group


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Great day
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Martyn and Jay
wrote a review 13 Mar
Me and my 10 year son visited DNA VR we had a great time would highly recommend this place can't believe how fast the hour went we will definitely be returning. Big thanks to Matt for making us feel welcome we will be seeing you guys again soon

Thanks again for great day

Martyn and Jay
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DNA -awesome trip!
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wrote a review 26 Feb
Had the most amazing time.

Matt was so helpful. We had such a laugh and Matt and his colleagues seemed to enjoy us enjoying ourselves which made it double the fun :)

Could not recommend it highly enough.
We’ll be back soon!!
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They were buzzing!
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wrote a review 27 Jan
I took four 10/11 year olds for the arcade experience yesterday and the shrieks and howls of excitement were a testament to the fun they all had. Suffice to say they all came out sweating from the fun and adrenaline and they chatted about it for hours. The team were on hand to guide them and were really helpful. Highly recommended.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we have 4 main types of experiences available at all 3 venues: VR Arcade, VR Escape room, Premium Free-Roaming experience and Ubisoft's VR Escape rooms. 

VR Arcade, VR Escape room and Ubisoft's VR Escape rooms are set in separate VR Pods. Each VR Pod is fitted with one VR Headset (1 per participant).

Premium Free-Roaming experience is set in a separate Free-Roam zone where the whole team can walk around freely and play together. 

All our experiences are private, so while there may be other customers at the venue, you are never going to play with strangers (unless you want to make new friends, we don't judge!)

All experiences are hosted by our dedicated VR Masters so if you need a hint or not sure what to try next - just give them a shout!

To explore all games visit our games and experiences page

Our Pricing varies based on the day and the size of the group and starts at £29pp for VR Arcade and £22pp for VR Escape rooms. Larger groups can benefit from the group discounts applied automatically to their booking. If you book 2 consecutive weekday slots for the same type of experience you will also get a 20% discount for the second slot! 

To See Full pricing visit our pricing page

VR Arcade:

Each player gets a headset and will be placed inside their own VR booth. You have an hour (or book 2 consecutive slots to have more) and can play as many games as you’d like. You will hear each other inside the game and can interact with them in multiplayer experiences.

Max number of people in the same Virtual World: 10.
Duration: 1 hour (but you can book 2 or more slots).

VR Escape Rooms and Ubisoft VR Escape rooms:

Same setup as with the VR Arcade, but here you need to choose 1 game and will have one hour to solve all puzzles in a team.

Max number of people in the same Virtual World: 6 for VR Escape rooms, 4 for Ubisoft VR Escape rooms. For larger teams, we can run multiple instances of the games in parallel.
Duration: you have 1 hour to complete the game (but you can book 2 or more slots).

Premium Free Roam:

The whole team is placed inside one larger room where you walk completely wireless together (in the headsets). Currently, there are 2 choices here: Free Roam VR Escape rooms or Free roam shooters. You have to choose between these two options and either beat an escape room or have a number of rounds shooting zombies/robots in a team. You can also add a short horror experience here as an extra.

Max number of people in the same Virtual World: 4.
Duration: 40 minutes + setup time (you can book 2 or more slots).

Absolutely! Once you are at the venue, our friendly VR Masters will explain the controls and advise you on which game to choose and how to navigate. They will always be on hand if you get stuck or need help. The VR Masters will monitor your game progress, communicate with you through the headphones and come to your aid as soon as needed!

With the growth of home VR and standalone headsets you can try VR nearly anywhere including the comfort of your home.

However, for the best experience you need both high-end VR Equipment and loads of space. You also need your team to play together!

All this comes together at DNA VR, a Virtual Reality Arcade with a Manchester venues at 30 Brown Street, M2 1DH.

Come together and enjoy unmatched immersion!

Never tried VR before and want to check out as many experiences as possible? VR Arcade is the right option for you. Up to 10 people in the same Virtual World, more than 50 experiences. Anyone would find a game to fall in love with.

Like solving puzzles in a team trying to beat the clock? VR Escape rooms are the best option.

Freedom of movement and deep immersion excites you? Free-Roam is the answer. Walk around freely with your teammates fighting zombies, saving the Earth from an asteroid or Escaping from an underwater temple.

We have everything you need for the best VR experience. The rest depends on you!

So you have chosen your VR experience but not sure how to get the most out of it?

First, you need to remember that the experience is very safe both in terms of Covid and general safety. We are using disposable masks for the VR Headsets and sanitise all equipment regularly.

Second, while incredibly immersive, the experience is virtual so nothing in the game can hurt you. The headsets recognise the boundaries of the room so whenever you are approaching the wall they will guide you. Our VR Masters are monitoring you throughout the session and will keep talking to you if you need any support. If you feel uncomfortable at any point just give them a shout and they will rush to help you!

Finally, we can recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and avoid high heels.

And that is it, just grab your team, come to DNA VR and get ready!

Our VR Arcade Sessions last 60 minutes. That means a full 1 hour of gameplay, not including the briefing and introduction.

The VR Escape Room sessions and Ubisoft VR Escape Room sessions are designed to last up to 60 minutes. That means that you will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and get out in time. If you manage to solve all the puzzles early, you will get a permanent spot on our Leaderboard page!

Our Premium Free-Roaming sessions last around 40 minutes. If you would like to extend the Premium Free-Roaming session, we recommend booking Premium Free-Roaming Extra to add a short extra experience in the end. If you would like to make your experience even longer - simply book two back-to-back slots and receive a discount on your second hour!