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Reality Sucks. Yet Virtual Reality is not always better

DNA VR promotion

Here are a couple of thoughts on how to ruin the VR experience and what we are going to do about it.

Reality Sucks.

We created this venue for those who wanted to try Virtual Reality instead.

For those who are not necessarily excited by the technology but rather want to spend some quality time with their friends and loved ones in a new setup. It's something different from your regular leisure activities, it's exciting and fun. Technology plays an important part in this experience but we prefer not to talk about it. We prefer to talk about our customers' feelings and experiences. DNA VR is not about tech. It's about people. Both gamers and non-gamers.

We genuinely love seeing our customers happy and love hearing their feedback. We read every single letter we get and we do our best to incorporate their suggestions. Our customers are building this community together with us and helping us grow. Our Facebook and TripAdvisor pages are already full of honest opinions and tons of ideas. And we want to thank everyone who has taken the time to share their thoughts.

Unfortunately, sometimes even Virtual Reality can be a total let down.

We have heard that many people have tried VR already and were totally disappointed. Sometimes the tech was not perfect or the games were not polished enough. In other situations people spent a couple of minutes with a headset in a very unfriendly setting being watched by crowds of other people waiting to take turn.

Not surprisingly all these reasons lead to very poor experiences.

The bad tech comes in different forms.

Sometimes the headsets are not sophisticated enough and can't provide a proper experience. In other situations there might be problems with the setup of the basestations or other hardware problems which cause dizziness, headaches, etc.

With regards to the games, some of our customers have mentioned their encounters with either demo versions of vr games or games that were simply not the best choices for the first timers (like VR rollercoasters that give users motion sickness within minutes).

Finally, many of our customers who have tried VR before, mentioned that trying VR by themselves or when they were forced to give the headset to somebody else was quite disappointing which is again understandable. Exploring VR together with somebody is way more fun and most people need at least 15 minutes to get used to the equipment. If the whole experience is just a couple of minutes, can it be even called a Virtual Reality experience?

We are aware of those potential problems. We have tried most of the VR Headsets that are available on the market (including custom made versions from around the world). We have tested hundreds of games ourselves and even visited some of the developers' offices to be the first ones to try out the new software. We were sometimes as amazed as you are and sometimes equally disappointed (even experienced crazy motion sickness ourselves).

We know how important the first encounters with VR are. If you don't like the first experience you are very unlikely to try it again or to spread the word. And will probably be unaware of all the amazing things Virtual Reality can do.

We are true VR enthusiasts and we actually care about our customers' experiences. With Virtual Reality being such a niche we can't let one bad experience ruin your trust in this amazing technology.

That is why we are launching this campaign.

To compensate for all the crapy experiences that you ever had, here is a discount.

Just use this code at checkout when you book your session with us.

Send this link to everyone who has ever tried VR and was dissatisfied. Share this with the ones who should try it nonetheless.