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Timeout Tastemakers event

Last week we collaborated with the Tastemakers from Timeout London. They came as a group to our venue and got to try some of our VR Games and Experiences!

Within a couple of hours they Shot Robots together, walked the plank, draw amazing pictures in Tilt Brush and defended castles with bow and arrow.

It was especially great to find that most of them have never tried VR before and most of the guests enjoyed the experience.

You can read their full reviews here.

Highlights from Timeout reviews:

Even though you know in your head it isn't real, it's very hard to convince yourself once it starts. It made me jump a couple of times, startled by robots creeping up on me. I can see how people could easily play away the hours. I was exhausted after my turn!


I tried the robot game and I was thrilled!


I am not a huge gamer, but holy goodness, this place was fun.


I got so wrapped up in this game I could have played for hours, even days if they would let me. It's a great experience and I would definitely recommend it for an event or birthday celebration. I'm already planning a trip back


It's ideal for people who love exploring and experiencing new things, for creative souls and for those who want something a little different

Minki Winky