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International Corporate Event in Virtual Reality


This year we organised an event that very few companies saw as realistic!

Our client, a multinational Pharma company, wanted something truly special for their Christmas event.

They wanted to break the geographical barriers between their international offices in UK, US and India and attend the same Christmas party despite the fact that they were thousand of miles away from each other.

We found local partners in India and US, planned all the logistics and connected their respective teams in one futuristic corporate event. The UK team visited our premises in Camden and US team came to Neverland Virtual Reality while Infinity VR travelled to the office in Chennai and setup a pop-up there.

The participants warmed up with Beat Saber before moving to more challenging multiplayer experiences. For the end of the year announcements we chose the Wave and connected them in one huge party. Our team decorated the virtual lobby with participants' pictures and painted it in corporate colours. They were able to dance and have fun together as if they were standing next to each other despite the geographical distance.

Huge thanks to our VR partners across the globe! With events like this we can make VR truly global together!

To organise your Virtual Reality event simply get in touch using the form below or emails us at info@dnavr.co.uk