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How to Get Fit in VR Without Realising

Besides delivering some incredible immersive entertainment, many visitors are surprised to discover just how much of a sweat they’ve worked up after an hour of gaming at DNAVR.

VR has an unintended and very positive side-effect: people are getting fitter while they play! 

Roughly 15% of VR games burn enough calories during a typical hour long play session to qualify as medium to intense exercise. 

So if you are wondering how to combine a workout and have fun at the same time, here are a few games that all utilize several muscle groups at once. 

Pistol Whip: 6-8 calories per minute. Equivalent of playing tennis

Not only is Pistol Whip one of the best action games out there, it can turn any session into your cardio for the day! You’ll be regularly ducking to dodge attacks, firing back, swinging your arms and taking steps in multiple directions.  If you ever wondered just what it would feel like to be John Wick you’ll want to give this a try. From the thumping beats, pulsing lights and the barrage of bullets, the excitement of Pistol Whip delivers an experience that turns up the intensity to levels you never knew possible.

Synth Riders: 4-6 calories per minute. Equivalent of using an elliptical machine

Coming straight out of the 80’s movie Tron, Synth Riders is part freestyle dance game, and part boxing rhythm game. With over 60 songs to choose from you’ll find something to your liking and on its hardest difficulties a good half-hour session could burn you 150-350 calories! The game is full of neon colours and a gorgeous style for each of its stages and will use your entire body to move as you duck and dodge obstacles whilst hitting neon orbs coming towards you. When you are holding both hands above your head for 20 seconds and then quickly have to swing them to the side you will certainly feel it! 

Ragnarok: 8-12 calories per minute. Equivalent of biking

Ragnarock on the outside seems like a fairly easy game in terms of a workout. Sure you can stand there and barely move and be able to hit drums to the beat. However, if you allow yourself to get lost in the music and immersed in the world there’s no doubt you’ll come away having worked up a sweat. The gameplay is simple and anyone can pick it up instantly but it will take time to master and plenty of sweat, especially if you’re playing multiplayer as it will push you to work harder as you try to keep your boat ahead of the competition or desperately race to catch up! 

Remember your VR experience is what you want it to be. If you’re tired and don’t feel like you have the energy, every game can be played at your own pace and difficulty. But for those looking for a fun challenge that can also replace your cardio for the day, crank the difficulty up and get stuck into some of the games mentioned and you’ll be surprised to find that exercising and having fun is totally possible! 

You’ll find all of these games available to select when you book yourself in for our arcade session.