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Beat Saber Global Tournament

The below Tournament has now concluded. If you wish to participate in future events, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to receive an invite!!


Do you want to participate in the biggest global Virtual Reality tournament? Excited about winning prizes from DNA VR and HTC Vive?

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be joining The Global Beat Saber Tournament on the 18th of August, 7pm and you can still get tickets to participate!

Each participant is randomly paired with a competitor, each playing 2 songs carefully selected by the organisers. The winner from the 1st pair faces the winner from the 2nd paid and so on until there is just 1 winner! All participants are welcome to stay and play Beat Saber after the final game until we are closed.

Get yours here. Just select Beat Saber Tournament

Top-4 DNA VR players will receive voucher codes from us. Global champions have a chance of winning an HTC Vive!