Virtual Reality experiences for Kids

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We are often asked about relevant Virtual Reality experiences for children. While we have a lot of shooters and experiences for adults there are so many options that even the youngest VR explorers would enjoy!
Job Simulator
Recommended age 7+
(Single Player)
Job Simulator is truly one of the best experiences for any age. With intuitive mechanics and clear voice guidelines it becomes ultimate fun for the whole family!

Choose from a list of professions from a restaurant chef to car mechanic and follow the instructions from your virtual boss or completely ignore them!
Angry Birds VR
Recommended age 7+
(Single Player)
A recent addition to our ever growing library won't leave both our young customers and their parents disappointed!
While most smartphone-owners would have already experienced the game's interactive gameplay, it becomes a true beauty in VR.
Join the familiar characters to save the stolen eggs in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs in this immersive VR adventure!
Alice in Wonderland
Recommended age 7+
(2-6 Players)

Fall into the rabbit hole and explore the world of Alice in Wonderland that we all love so much!
Solve puzzles together and restart the clock to save the Wonderland but harry up or you might anger the Duchess!

If you are looking for a VR Experience for the whole family to enjoy together, Alice in Wonderland would be a game of your choice!
The Lab
Recommended age 7+
(Single Player)
Our VR Lab is packed with experiences for any age!
Play with a Virtual dog, walk between the planets or defend a castle from the animated (but very angry) warriors
Recommended age 7+
(1-4 Players)

Up for something more challenging? No problem.

Take your bow and quiver (intentional pun) and explore the fantasy world where the safety of your castle depends on you!
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