London's First Virtual Reality Arcade

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Explore VR like never before

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The Future is here

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Multiplayer and Single player

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Survive Zombie Apocalypse

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Immerse yourself

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Build Futuristic Contraptions

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Create Masterpieces

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Slice Fruit in VR

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Visit the first Virtual Reality arcade in London

What is it about?

DNA VR is the first full-scale Virtual Reality entertainment venue in London. Virtual Reality experiences are truly immersive as the explorer is placed inside the experience instead of just watching it. 

With VR you become an actor rather than a spectator whether you are conquering Everest, travelling to Mars or simply surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.


 Who is it for?

The times when Virtual Reality was only for gamers and tech enthusiasts are long gone. With the vast array of single- and multi- player games, truly immersive experiences and 360º videos anyone can find a suitable option. The only two obstacles are: expensive equipment and a large area where you won’t bump into things. Good news is: we have both!

 Group Bookings

Want to share your excitement with somebody else? We have a room to accommodate your needs. Enjoy all the single player games and experiences plus a couple of titles created specifically for groups. Your friends will be able to see everything you’re doing on a monitor and guide you in the right direction!

 Virtual Reality Escape Rooms (coming soon)

Virtual Reality does not have any boundaries. That's why our Team experiences are not bounded by the Group Bookings. Instead, we have teamed up with the best providers of VR team experiences to bring you one-hour VR games Alice in Wonderland: Stories and Tales of Escape. You will be able to see each other in Virtual Reality, interact and even solve puzzles together!

  • Keep talking and nobody explodes - DNA VR
  • Job simulator - DNA VR
  • Fantastic Contraption - DNA VR
  • theBlu - DNA VR
  • Raw Data - DNA VR
  • QuiVR - DNA VR
  • Everest VR - DNA VR