Major Update

London's First Virtual Reality Arcade has just received a major update!

We have tested our VR Escape rooms and they are now up and running. VR Escape rooms are the team games for up to 6 people where you will work together to solve puzzle, look for clues and communicate in order to progress further. Don't worry, if you are stuck at any point, our VR Masters will help you out and give hints where necessary. Real-life Escape rooms have become really popular in London, however, DNA VR is one of the first companies to bring VR Escape rooms to the masses. You will have just an hour to solve everything and get out. Currently we have 2 different options, Tales of Escape: where you have to investigate a creepy mystery in a butcher shop) and Alice in Wonderland VR stories (here you will need to fix the magic clock and restore order in Wonderland). We are working together with the content providers and are aiming at bringing at least 4 more VR Escape room experiences in the future. 

You can already book Tales of Escape (a creepier grown-up version) or Alice in Wonderland (an option for the younger customers) here, just choose VR Escape rooms.

We are listening to all the feedback very attentively. That is why we are also updating our multiplayer and single player library. We are adding VR Tennis (for 2) as well as a couple of cinematic experiences. We have noticed that multiplayers are by far the most popular category at DNA VR and are working on bringing you even more titles! 

So if you are still looking for things to do, do not hesitate. Bring your friends and colleagues to DNA VR and Survive Zombie Apocalypse (up to 4 players), defend the castle with your bow and arrow (up to 4), fight back to back against hordes of robots (co-op), defuse a bomb together (2-3) and even Conquer Everest!

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