How can a non-gamer enjoy Virtual Reality?

With this post we are starting our series that will guide those who are interested in trying Virtual Reality in the right direction. 

As we are preparing our VR Arcade for the imminent launch we have received an overwhelming amount of questions from our subscribers. Many of them while being aware of what Virtual Reality is in principle, were not so sure about a number of factors. Although those varied hugely depending on the age and interests, we have noticed some similarities among most of the enquiries that we received.

We will briefly mention them here and will try to address each of them in turn.

Q: I have noticed all that buzz around VR but I am not a gamer. Does VR have anything to offer to people like myself?

A: Oh, it does. First of all, even though Virtual Reality Entertainment does indeed attract a lot of media attention VR itself is often used for quite significant purposes such as training surgeons or pilots.

In an attempt to become more mainstream, however, companies providing Virtual Reality headsets have put a lot of effort into creating an appealing concept for the general public. Therefore, VR entertainment is growing better than ever before with hundreds and hundreds of titles being available for VR headsets.

So if you don’t particularly like games that won't prevent you from trying out VR. There are a lot of different experiences that you will find fascinating. We will divide those into 3 categories:

1) Immersive experiences.

Swim with the whales, Conquer Everest, Become a Jedi, Travel to Mars, Fly with the eagles and many more.

Those are the things that most of us are unlikely to try in our real life. Virtual Reality, however,  provides us all with an ability to fulfil those desires. The headset puts the user inside the action providing true immersion.

2) 360º videos.

As many of you would know by now, some of the popular social platforms (including YouTube and Facebook) are now providing their users with an ability to watch and upload content in 360º mode. There are two bottlenecks here, however. Firstly, not too many users have high-resolution headsets (or indeed any headset for that matter) to watch the videos in the 4k resolution. Secondly, even those who do, often struggle as the quality of the content varies drastically from videos like 4k “surrounded by elephants”

or Champions League Final.
to… well pretty much anything you can shoot using a normal camera.

(Don't worry we will provide our list of the best 360º videos and films, however, our favourite is the one below)

3) Team VR experiences

While the first two types are present on the market for quite some time, the third type is relatively new. In general this one is to a certain extent similar to the old-school Escape rooms. The participants see each other in Virtual reality, interact and solve puzzles. They do not always roam freely but as with the most VR experiences they can make a couple of steps. These experiences are best for groups of 3-6 friends or families. Younger customers tend to enjoy those more than anything. There are different options for each taste: from family-friendly Alice in Wonderland to more intense VR Escape Rooms.

It comes without saying that all the experiences mentioned above are available at DNA VR.

Please do continue to submit your questions either via our Facebook page or the website and we will respond to as many as we can.

Disclaimer: this selection is subjective and is only meant for the information purposes.
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